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Frostcraft Tutorial!

Postby Cobra2354 » Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:27 am

-❅- Frostcraft Tutorial! -❅-

Well, if you are lost and/or have a question on what you should do on the Frostcraft server after you get out of the Frostcraft Academy, you came to the right place! This is a in-depth tutorial that will help you figure out how to get started!

Converting Redstone
When you get out of the academy you will spawn with some redstone, you are going to want to convert any redstone that you will have on you! Just follow these couple of simple steps and you will be on your way in no time! If you ever lose your wand you can always buy another at the Magic Shop for the small price of $100.

Redstone to mana conversion method 1:
Step 1. Hold any amount of mana (redstone) in your hand
Step 2. Type /c convert

Redstone to mana conversion method 2:
Step 1. Right-click your Wand (the enchanted blaze rod) to open up the Wand GUI (menu)
Step 2. Navigate to the redstone and click it. It will convert any mana in your inventory at once!

Here are some pictures on how to convert redstone:

Leaf Portals
Now that you have converted your redstone you are ready to set forth on your journey! Just navigate to the leaf portals at spawn! Once you get there you will need too pick one of the 3 portals. After you go through you will need to travel away from the protected lands and find a place where you want to live.

The leaf portals:

Protecting Land
Once you have found a place you like you can claim it 1 chunk at a time with the command /c protect, but be careful this is a powerful spell and it uses 100 mana, so make sure you find a place you really like! After you cast the spell a gravel border will be magically appear to show you where the borders of your protection are!

Here are some pictures on protecting land:

Gaining mana
There are a lot of ways to gain mana on the Frostcraft server. You can either mine for redstone and convert it, kill mobs, or even beat one of the challenging dungeons that Frostcraft has!

To get to the dungeons, all you have to do is go to the Adventure Cave or open your Wand GUI (menu) and click on the travel spells. After that just click on the desired dungeon. Some dungeons can only be reached by using the adventure cave and you will have to be a specific level. There are a lot of other things in the Wand GUI (menu), things such as the commands /c save, /c recall, and even a teleport to the server's shops!

Pictures on how to get to dungeons and general information about the Adventure Cave:

Adventure Cave Fun Fact:
The Adventure Cave has more then just Dungeons! It has challenges (there are even 2 player challenges) and mob fights too!

Leveling up
Your overall goal in Frostcraft would be to level up and this is no easy task! You can level up in a couple of different ways, but first you will have to make sure you have enough redstone. If you want to check how much mana you have you can do the simple command /mana. If you want to know how much to the next level up all you have to do is try and level up, it will tell you the difference that is needed. The command to level up is /c levelup, but you can also open the Wand GUI (menu) and click the beacon and then blam! If you had enough redstone you will level up and gain a few bonuses, such as a boost of Spark's power (the main Frostcraft Spell) and even more health!

Pictures on how to level up:

Spark is the main Frostcraft spell and it will gain power as you level up! There are a lot of other spells you can use in due time, but most will require you to level up to be able to use them! Some examples of the other spells you will be able to use after leveling up a little would be the Arrow Spell and even a Fireball spell! There are land spells and summoning spells too! Land spells can help you make floors and roofs faster as well as walls. Summoning spells help when you are in need of a item and you don't have the materials to craft it or even the raw materials. These spells all use mana though, so be wise and don't waste all your mana when you use them!

Pictures on spells:
Combat Spells -
Summon Spells -
Land Spells -

Minigames are another good way to gain mana and Frostcraft has 2 custom minigames! You might have to ask other players if they are up for the minigames though (they require more than 1 person), but ask respectfully, we ask that you do not spam the chat with "Wanna play Frostball". The portals are made of blue wool.

What the portals look like:

If you want to see a full list of Frostcraft spells then you should take a look at this!

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