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Frostcraft Spell List

Postby Cobra2354 » Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:49 am

-❅- Frostcraft Spell list! -❅-

They are organized into bindable and non-bindable spells.
To bind spells to your wand you have to do this command while you hold your wand.
/c bind /c <spell of your choice>

They are listed as so:
Spell - Description - Amount of mana to cast

Utility Spells
/help color - gives you the list of color codes - 0 mana
/bal - shows you your money, mana, and FrostBall Tokens - 0 mana
/pay <name> <amount> - used to pay other players money - 0 mana
/paymana <name> <amount> - used to pay other players mana - 0 mana

Combat Spells
You can use /c or /cast

[Bindable Spells]
Attack Spells
/c wandspark - shoots an explosive snowball that damages nearby enemies (Summon a Spark Snowball that does AOE Damage) - 0 mana
/c wandfire - shoots a fiery snowball that will set your target ablaze (Summon a Fiery Snowball)- 1 mana
/c wandheal - shoot a magical healing snowball that will heal some of your health (Summon a Healing Snowball) - 1 mana
/c wandtoxic - shoots a poisonous snowball that is sure to leave your target ill (Summon a Toxic Snowball) - 1 mana
/c wandfireball - shoots a giant fireball that explodes on impact (Summon a Fireball) - 10 mana
/c wandarrow - summons an arrow that will pierce the most powerful armor (Summon an Arrow) - 1 mana

Effect Spells
/c heal - casts Instant Health - 10 mana
/c nightvision- casts Night Vision - 20 mana
/c regen - casts Health Regeneration - 20 mana
/c resistfire - casts Fire Resist - 20 mana
/c strength - casts Strength - 20 mana
/c swift - casts a Speed Boost- 20 mana
/c waterbreathing - casts Water Breathing- 20 mana
/c boost - casts Jump Boost - 20 mana
/c haste - casts Haste - 20 mana
/c invis - casts Invisibility - 20 mana
/c satisfy - feed yourself with magic - 1 mana
/c resist- casts Resistance - 20 mana

Land Spells
You can use /c or /cast
[Bindable Spells]
/c protect - protects land - 100 mana
/c unprotect - unprotects land - 0 mana
/c add <player name> - adds a player to a protection that the caster owns - 1 mana
/c remove <player name> - removes a player from a protection that the caster owns - 1 mana
/c banish <player name> - banishes a player back to spawn if they are in the caster's protection - 0 mana
/c protectlist - gives you the cords of all your protects - 100 mana
/c floorstyle - opens a sub menu on how the floor spells work

More on FloorStyles:
/c FloorStyle <primaryColor> <secondaryColor> <material> <pattern>
Possible colors:
(When using for spell make sure the colors that are 2 words have no spaces.)
White, Orange, Magenta, Lightblue, Yellow, Limegreen, Pink, Gray, Lightgray, Cyan, Purple, Blue, Brown, Green, Red, Black
Available Materials: Wool, Glass, and Clay
Available Patterns: Creeper, Stripes, Swirl, Checkered, and Large-Checkered
Example: /c floorstyle Red Blue Wool Creeper

[Non-bindable Spells]
Build Permission (Public) - - 1 mana
Build Permission (Friends) - - 1 mana
Build Permission (Owner) - - 1 mana
Container Permission (Public) - - 1 mana
Container Permission (Friends) - - 1 mana
Container Permission (Owner) - - 1 mana

Summoning Spells
You summon the amount of your level. Some items don't apply the level rule.
Example: [Level 50] FrostMiser using /s apple will get 50 apples
You can use /s or /summon

Some basic summon spells (refer to the pages in the summon spells tab):
/s melon - summons melon - 1 mana
/s pork - summons pork chops - 10 mana
/s chicken - summon chicken - 10 mana
/s beef - summons beef - 10 mana
/s melonblock - summons melon blocks - 5 mana
Some summoning spells require you to pick the type of block you want to summon for example: /s wood oak
/s wood <type> - summons wooden planks of your choice - 5 mana
/s fence <type> - summons wooden fences of your choice - 5 mana
/s glass <type> - summons glass with the color of your choice - 5 mana
Some summoning spells that give only one (ignores the level rule)
/s iron - summons a single iron ingot - 15 mana
/s gold - summons a single gold ingot - 15 mana
/s diamond - summons a single diamond - 100 mana

Travel Spells
These spells are there to make your life a little bit easier, a quicker way to get to some of the dungeons. For new dungeons you will have to use the Adventure Cave portals. For more information on how to find/get to dungeons refer to the Frostcraft tutorial:
/travel zombie
/travel frosting
/travel scorched

That is all the travel spells in-game for now, more may/may not be added later

VIP Spells
You must purchase VIP to access to these spells, if you are interested in VIP you can purchase it here:
Use /buy to access the the in-game menu for all the VIP packages
The spells below this point do not require any mana to cast
You have to use /v for these spells

All of these commands can be used to edit your texts as a VIP or use the VIP menu:
Use these commands to change your name with custom colors (/help color for the list of colors)
/v text <color>
2nd color
/v textalt <color>
Use these to set effects of your text
/v textmagic
/v textunderline
/v textbold
/v textitalic
/v textnormal

Use this to change your VIP tag to any color
/v tagcolor <color>

VIP Minions (Currently disabled)
Use these commands to summon and unsummon minions, or use the VIP menu
/v minion summon <type>
/v minion unsummon
/v minion hat
(use again to remove off your head)

Use these commands to equip the firework wands.
/v wandbluefirework
/v wandgreenfirework
/v wandyellowfirework
/v wandorangefirework
/v wandblackfirwork
/v wandawesomefirework
/v wandcreeperfirework
/v wandmultifrost

These VIP spells are a bit more complex, but are still fun to use with friends
All effects that are included are FLAME, EMERALD, HEART, and REDSTONE
/v skytext <effect> <word>
/v skystar <effect>
/v skyspiral <effect>
/v skyhelix

If you have obtained a bag, from crafting or dungeons, you can use these spells to customize them
Both of these spells have to be cast while holding the bag you are trying to edit
/v bagcolor <color> - allows you to change the name of a bag (color codes can be used the change the color/format of the font) - 0 mana
/v bagname <name> - allows you to change the color of a bag (color codes can be used the change the color/format of the font) - 0 mana
Example with color codes: /v bagname &9Frostcraft Bag

A couple of extra VIP spells that are useful
/v showstats - shows your /bal in chat for others to see - 0 mana
/v linkitem - links an item in chat for others to see (must be holding the item you want to display) - 0 mana

Fun/Random Spells
/c hat - equip any blocks (items don't work quite right) to be a hat - 20 mana
/c wandlightning - stun others with a amazing lightning show that is sure to stun others - 100 mana
/minecraft:me <message> - say messages in a special way - 0 mana (abusing of this command will most likely result in a kick, so be careful when using it)
/c wandfirework - a firework for non-VIP players - 1 mana
/c info - shows you information about your stats - 1 mana

Vampire Spells
These spells may/may not stick around after Halloween.
/vamp flight
/vamp invisibility
/vamp strength
/vamp speed
/vamp vision
/vamp jump
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Re: Frostcraft Spell List

Postby Spyfiend13 » Thu Nov 12, 2015 3:31 pm

Very good. Though it can be hard to find spells like /c floorstyle and whatnot. Also walls, I can't figure out how to use a command for making walls...

These land spells aren't commonly used at all, but it adds a helpful advantage. Like if you need to bind your wand to a kind of wall you want, or you want more customized floors.

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Re: Frostcraft Spell List - added the floorstyle spell

Postby Cobra2354 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:14 am

Found myself referring to this, figured I'd comment to make it easier to find - don't mind me!

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