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New Idea!

Postby SuperAphmauPanda » Wed Mar 02, 2016 5:51 pm

I saw this server it has this command its /rp join (whoever has an rp) and /rp setname (whatever name you have in the rp) and i want it to be on creative too because me and my friends are having a minecraft diaries roleplay and thought it was cool to have the command here is an example:

Pretend i was making an rp someone comes and does command:

Someone:/rp join SuperGirlyPanda

SuperGirlyPanda(me): Ok you are in the rp your name will be Kawaii~Chan

Someone:/rp setname Kawaii~Chan

Kawaii~Chan:Yay! thanks for letting me join your rp!

SuperGirlyPanda(me): No problem!

So the Kawaii~Chan at the end was the player called someone so ya i hope you get what i mean by the way its on the mcpz server if you wanna look at the commands they do on creative just check out their website thanks! hope you do it!

SuperGirlyPanda (Rp Name: Aphmau)

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