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Postby HoneyBunny9 » Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:04 am

idea 1: a trading system
idea 2: for frostball, and the dragon battle thing, how about a private chest to store all your stuff in that only you can access, in case you used your e-chest for extra storage. (Like i did)
idea 3: gaining money from playing on the server long enough, like how you gain mana, but u gain less.
idea 4: more worlds. factions should be a feature in the build world.
idea 5: telaports. you should add a feature where the owner of their land can enable ppl/ sertain ppl to make their own warps to their friend's house.
idea 6: design idea: make the big road area less xmas-ey, and more snowy, and icey. i know ur making it xmas related, too, but still. :P
idea 7: listen to honeybunny9 and take her ideas into considderation because shes awesome and has really good ideas. :D

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