Trick or Treat/Scavenger Hunt - Halloween Event Idea

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Trick or Treat/Scavenger Hunt - Halloween Event Idea

Postby CluckyTheGem » Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:52 am

Note that, at the time of writing this, I have no idea if this idea HAS been done before.

So, my idea for the Halloween event!

It'll be based around classic monsters and horror/ghost movies.

Imagine a group of classic haunted houses. Around them is a grouping of large trees, a few graves, spider webs, and maybe small cave or two. In each house and around them are goodies--you want to get as many treats and prizes as you can. In each house--and around the area--are hidden loot chests with Halloween/candy themed loot along with some mana. However, a few HARDER to find chests, hidden well, hold a block of bedrock--or some other distinguishable item--labeled as tokens. As people run around, trying to collect as much loot as they can, there will be monsters spawned in by staff members (or if they're going to be custom bosses, maybe just spawned in using other ways) trying to chase the trick-or-treaters. Depending on the AREA, different monsters could spawn (like spiders by large spider webs, skeletons in graveyards). They wouldn't be able to drop good loot, or people would just farm there instead of searching. Probably old candy (with no real benefits), rotten flesh, etc. After a set amount of time, whichever people have the most tokens will get win a large prize/trophy of some sort (of course, the one to have the MOST will get the biggest reward).

Maybe after the actual trick or treat monster hunt, there could even be a big boss battle or something as a last chance to find loot (as an extra chance for unlucky people who had a hard time giving loot.)

If there was custom loot and limited edition items, there could even be collectibles.

If anyone has an idea that could fit in with this one--but didn't necessarily be big enough to be its own event or something that they think needs to be rethought/changed, I'd be happy to make this rough outline of an event idea better!

I just like to help with whatever, and I hope to be active on the forums giving my support or general opinion! :D

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