bman_12345 Application/assistant

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bman_12345 Application/assistant

Postby bman_12345 » Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:35 pm

Hello Frost,
I'd be very happy to become an assistant to the server i have been playing this server for a very long time since the last server and you have known me and helped me a lot and i appreciate that.I would like to return the favor by helping you out with the server and becoming an assistant i would love to help you and the server.I help most new people who have been on a server,give them ideas and decoration for there houses and i have trust in many people as do they in me.Ambiemincraft,Krystal_Fire, and many others have also helped me in frostcraft.This is basically the only server i ever play on and i love it so much. I will help anyone on the server who needs assistance and be respectful to all.I am very active and usually on every week if not more. I will be participating in most of the events that you will give out.I would love to help out the server and make it easier for you and the people. If you say no to this that is ok i will always respect you and the server <3
Bman_12345 :)

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