I would like to be a assistant

Interested in becoming a server assistant? Write your application here.
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I would like to be a assistant

Postby sportnut48 » Wed Apr 03, 2013 3:34 am

Hi Frost i would like to be a assistant because i love the server and love helping my friends with building. i would like to repay from you always answering my questions so I would like to help people while you are off and give new players a good experience. i love building and i constantly have ideas in my head and i really never say no for someone needing my help. I've been wanting to build a city or something big but i've never had the server to do it on. this is the only server i have really loved and i have had help from dopl with a lot of my stuff and we helped and are sharing our mansion with crowesnest and BulldozerNa. I hope you except my application.
sportnut48 :D

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