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Assistant Application Form

Postby blackmist623 » Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:27 am

Ok the main reason I would like to apply to become a staff here is because I have been on this server since 2013 around september-ish and I have always admired the community and how respectful it has been to me, I have casually been playing over the course of these years with a little break in between and I am proud to say I have seen this server grow into a small community into the family it is today. The reason I believe I should be considered to become a assistant here is because I would finally like to be able to contribute to this server not financially but through it's community, if I get elected as a staff member I will not try but I will helpful to anyone who asks for help, and I will be as informative as I can regarding their questions towards the server.

I have befriended various amounts of people on this server and I feel like we are massive family and I would never want anything to happen to this community, I have grown with this server and has gotten me through hard times and I would finally like to help it grow and try to retain as many new players as possible, and it's with this I hope I will be able to become an assistant.

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