Server Update - 9/21/2014

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Server Update - 9/21/2014

Postby frostmiser » Mon Sep 22, 2014 3:24 am

Corrected an issue with tab names not showing correctly
Added redstone crafting book IX
Added redstone crafting book X
Added Land spell: banish
Corrected an issue with server restart messages not showing up at the correct time
Removed zombie, zombie pigman and enderman pet spells due to issues with them causing crashing
Increased global mana boost spell to give a 10 mana bonus instead of 5
Increased global redstone rain spell to drop 10 redstone insetad of 1
Corrected fisherman fish catching message
Added a 10% chance for fisherman to catch an enchantment bottle
Added the ability for fisherman to buy a fishing rod
Increased chances of finding treasure for the Miner profession
Added Redstone Crafting Book IV as a possible treasure for Miner treasures
Added Potion of mining as a possible treasure for Miner treasures
Added the ability to buy a mining haste boost with Miner
Lowered the price of enchanter /buy ExpBottle from $1000 to $900
Changed some of the great tree presents
Changed some of the rare chest loot

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