News 6/27/2015

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News 6/27/2015

Postby frostmiser » Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:33 am

Recent updates to

Corrected an issue prismarine summoning not summoning the correct item
Fixed an issue with prismarine brick summoning not summoning the correct item
Disabled lightning and reworked the damage calculation when attempting to fly in a non-flying area
Enabled ender pearls in the building world
Updated the mining treasure system
Updated the drink and drink tolerance system
Added magic item: Enchanted Crafting Table
Added magic item: Miner's Helm
Added magic item: Miner's Chestplate
Added magic item: Miner's Leggings
Added magic item: Miner's Boots
Added magic item: Miner's potato
Added magic item: Dwarven Ale
Added magic item: Elven Wine
Added magic item: Helmet of Greater Fire Protection
Added magic item: Potatotron 5000
Added magic item: Helm of the Plains
Added magic item: ChestPlate of the Plains
Added magic item: Leggings of the Plains
Added magic item: Boots of the Plains
Changed the stats of some of the apprentice gear.
Changed potion of nourishment to use the satisfy effect
Removed potion of crafting
Removed potion of ender chest
Increased the health of Oinking Guardians
Changed some of the drops of Oinking Guardians
Increased the healh of Cake Eaters
Increased the health of Evil Witches
Increased the health of Scorched Cactus
Increased the damage of Jungle Spiders Fang
Removed giants from plains
Corrected a spelling error in the Sorched Cactus name
Added /paymana command
Updated the /help system
Updated the first player join text
Changed new player starting items.
Changed the starting items for new players
Corrected the message in potion of mining.
Corrected an issue where potion of mining somtimes wouldn't work.
Changed mining treasure to become more rare
Changed mining treasure to sometimes spawn skeletons instead of zombies
Changed the list of items that can be obtained from mining treasure
Increased the durability of obsidian armor
Added new dungeons and adventures

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Re: News 6/27/2015

Postby Brecert » Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:10 pm

I must join, I need to see all this new stuffs ; - ;


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Re: News 6/27/2015

Postby Cobra2354 » Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:34 pm

The new stuffs are so kewl. :shock:

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