News 7/4/2015

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News 7/4/2015

Postby frostmiser » Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:19 am

Recent updates to

Allowed removing a friend from a plot when they are offline
Increased armor and damage of several dragon lands classes
Removed the ability to use magic saddles in adventure lands
Added item: Chocolate covered raisins
Added item: Chocolate covered peanuts
Added item: Dwarven Imperial Stout
Added item: Miners Pick
Changed the icons for several potions
Increased the amount of treasure in Rare chests
Added item: Mint Wine
Increased the health of zombie miners and changed their loot
Increased the health of tiny zombie miners
Increased the health of all bosses
Increased the health of Oinking Guardians
Added instructions to Oinking Guardian Blade

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