News 12/19/2015

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News 12/19/2015

Postby frostmiser » Sun Dec 20, 2015 5:52 am

List of recent changes:

Changed server day spell to also affect adventure lands
Changed server night spell to also affect adventure lands
Changed some of the great tree rewards
Changed blacksmith repair cost, repairs now cost $1 per durability repaired
Changed merchant sell price for coal to $2
Corrected the name on lava forge chestplate.
Corrected an issue with blacksmith repair being able to repair things it shouldn't

Mana forge hammer crafting is now enabled.

New Items:
Magical Paper Bag
Magical Fancy Paper Bag
Magical Leather Bag
Magical Reinforced Leather Bag
Gold Infused Hoe
Gold Infused Axe
and more!

Also, check out the portal at spawn to visit the FrostCraft Festival. Don't forget to help the FrostElves collect their missing greeting cards for a reward!

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