News 08/28/2019

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News 08/28/2019

Postby frostmiser » Thu Aug 29, 2019 2:10 am

Recent updates for

- Changed player health formula from (15 + (player level * 1.5)) to (20 + player level).
- Changed vampire health bonus from 25 to 20.
- Fixed an issue where player health was being set inconsistently.
- Removed the effect from the maxhealth joke potion. Message still appears, but does not alter health.
- Removed functionality for scroll of teleport.
- Removed second row of hearts.
- Changed the player list display to show players full names.
- Added a header to the player list display.
- Replaced [] with a space in the player list display.
- Fixed an issue with a Halloween event mana regen increase.
- Changed the player mana flow bonus to 5.
- Restricted Halloween chests to only work during the Halloween event.

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