News 7/15/2018

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News 7/15/2018

Postby frostmiser » Sun Jul 15, 2018 5:53 pm

Recent updates to

- Added several mana forge ingredents to adventure chests
- Added new command /togglemessages to allow toggling of mana and damage messages
- Adjusted several of the adventure chest rewards
- Changed damage prevention block in frostball to fall protection boots
- Increased the cooldown and reduced the healing amount for the healing wand spell
- Made adjustments to health amounts
- Mana forging during a storm now results in double mana forge experience
- Made adjustments to mana regen. Regen now starts at a base of 1, and increases by 1 for each player that is online
- Reduced the amount of enchantment experience required to use the enchantment forge

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