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Server Information

Postby frostmiser » Fri Jan 31, 2014 9:40 pm

Update: Modpack server is currently closed. If you have a good idea for a modpack you'd like to see us try, post it in the modpack section.

The FrostCraft ModPack server is setup for players to try out some of the great mods that have been created for Minecraft.

What is Server IP?

How do I run the modpack?
For those who have never used the modpack, follow these instructions to get started:
1 - Download the Pixelmon Launcher from:
2 - Add a profile, select the latest Pixelmon version, and select the only forge version available.
3 - Login to the server at

What do I do after I've joined?
Explore the island, be sure to read the starter books.

What are the rules?
The normal server rules found on the main site apply. Basically, don't harass people, lag the server or use exploits/glitches.

Update 11/2/2014 This server no longer has a white-list. To prevent confusion, white-list application posts will be deleted from this section as they are no longer required.
Update 4/20/2015 The server has changed modpacks from Unleashed to Trident. With this change also comes a new map.
Update 9/6/2015 The server has changed modpacks to TechNodeTerraFirmaCraft.
Update 10/31/2015 The server has changed modpacks to Space Astronomy.
Update 1/23/2016 The server has changed modpacks to Attack of the B Team
Update 1/25/2016 The server has changed modpacks to Cloud9
Update 1/12/2017 The server is inactive, no current modpack.
Update 3/27/2017 The server has changed modpacks to Pixelmon.

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