My town was griefed D;.

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My town was griefed D;.

Postby Brecert » Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:18 pm

So recently I found out my town was griefed even our personal safes were destroyed my wither skelly farm was too and my me system will everything that we owned in it was destroyed now the only people in the group is spiderlicer1, me, IBlok,scoobthedude,ryanizer12,daggersdie,and RAZORBLAZOR12321.
now I have screenshots of all of them saying they would not take/destory/greif anthing in the town and it seems on of them has the only people I have that might of is RAZOR or ryanizer as Spider is the owner and would never do something like that and IBlok was the one who told me about it and he is not advanced enough to break another safe and has similar reasons to spider, Daggersdie is my brother and I am always home and always check on what he is doing as he is my little brother, though for scoobthedude I do not thing he would but recently he has been doing minor griefing with his gravity gun and such but as the blaze farm went untouched unlike my tree farm zombie and other farms I would assume it is not him as I hid my blaze farm.


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Re: My town was griefed D;.

Postby Zutai » Thu Mar 19, 2015 5:07 pm

keep your best stuff in a vanilla enderchest. it would be best to figure out how each one of them takes the news, more than just trying to point fingers first. i am sure that you will have your own ways to handle this internally, but the rules state that the mods/admins will not help. i have been working on the server for a few weeks now, and believe that i may be able to help you recover most of what you have lost. i am normaly online over the weekends, due to work. i would like to see far more players on, than just the ones i have brought along with me.

ps, i have punched sheep to death. :P
i was hungry...

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