News 1/27/2015

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News 1/27/2015

Postby frostmiser » Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:20 am

Below are recent changes to

Corrected description on summon head spell
Corrected icons for level 5 flower summoning spells
Added level 1 spell: summon mushroom stew
Changed level 1 spell summon oak wood door: only summon 1 door - not a stack of them.
Added level 1 spell: summon acacia wood door
Added level 1 spell: dark oak wood door
Added level 1 spell: spruce wood door
Added level 1 spell: jungle wood door
Added level 1 spell: birch wood door
Added level 35 spell: summon prismarine
Added level 40 spell: summon prismarine bricks
Added level 5 spell: summon salmon
Changed level 30 spell wood floor: Changed to level 5.
Added level 5 spell: spruce wood floor
Added level 5 spell: birch wood floor
Added level 5 spell: jungle wood floor
Added level 5 spell: acacia wood floor
Added level 5 spell: dark oak wood floor
Added level 50 spell: Plains Biome
Added level 50 spell: Ice Plains Biome
Changed the mobs which spawn in farmland plains
Removed some of the protect message spawn from mini-games and adventure lands
Removed the [Damage] tag from damage messages
Fixed some issues with not being able to damage certain mobs in adventure lands
Updated AFK messages to be more descriptive
Corrected mana cost in Unprotect spell description
Changed starting gear for new players
Added item: Oinking Guardian Blade
Added item: Apprentice Boots
Added item: Apprentice Helm
Added item: Apprentice Chestplate
Added item: Apprentice Leggings
Fixed an issue with land regen not including several areas
Changed the loot of oinking guardians
Fixed an issue with mobs spawning in mini-games
Increased the difficulty of oinking guardians

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Re: News 1/27/2015

Postby Cobra2354 » Wed Jan 28, 2015 7:29 am

Awesome! :)

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