Slime issues

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Slime issues

Postby Zutai » Sat Mar 28, 2015 4:56 pm

A base at 1250. 120 Seems to have been greifed with slimes, and the lag is making it rather hard to even get away from it. i dont know. Whos base it is, but it is not protected, and ends up trapping people that try to merely fly by it.
Please do something about the lag issues. i have been encountering huge numbers of these blue slimes throughout the server. the end was even spammed to hell and back with them, right at the spawn point. i was able to kill those off, but not these...

I was able to get a friend to clean out the slimes, and kill off the slime island that was being chunck loaded, and spilling out onto an end portal...

We need to keep an eye on our neighbors who may have not known they would be cuasing such large issues for the others, or having issues at all.

I plan to cintinue trying to clean up these types of issues, that may be the results of griefing, like this one seems to have been.

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