News 2/2/2016

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News 2/2/2016

Postby frostmiser » Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:25 pm

Recent updates:

Allowed blaze rods to act like wands
Changed vampire spells to require a wand
Fixed an issue where the enchanted books made with mana forges weren't working in anvils.
Fixed an issue with /v showing an error message.
Added prevention for bags getting placed inside themselves
Added alias for /m and /t for /msg and /tell
Replaced zombie giants with mini zombies in both the overworld and zombie island
Changed some of the mob drops and mob stats
Increased the stats of apprentice armor
Fixed a bug causing the mana forge hammer to cause an error
Added log conversion recipes
Removed mana cost for bagname and bagcolor spells
Made bagname and bagcolor spell help messages more helpful
Changed hat spell to disallow using repairable items as hats
Removed magic item restriction with /repair
Added teleporter signs (create a sign, line 1 says Teleporter, line 2 says Up or Down). Signs cost 500 mana to create, can be placed in your house and work like elevators
Changed mob spawning to work better with monsters only spawning where they should
Added server day and night spells to land spells
Added bagname and bagcolor spells to the spell menu

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