News 6/12/2016

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News 6/12/2016

Postby frostmiser » Sun Jun 12, 2016 9:52 pm


Added polar bear and bunny vip pets.
Added sound and visual effects to some of the wand spells.
Added a the cast rate limit and decreased damage of spark.
Added global vip luck spell.
Added level 40 spell, summon purpur.
Added bonus rewards for great tree when luck is active.
Added bonus rewards for monster loot when luck is active.
Added bonus rewards for treasure chests when luck is active.
Changed PvP to be limited to PvP areas.
Changed boots in dragon lands to be fall protection boots, rather than wool blocks.
Changed some of the Great Tree presents.
Changed random bosses in adventure lands to spawn more rarely.
Flametongue is now a blaze instead of a ghast.
Enabled ice melting.
Cleaned up a lot of messages for things like professions, protects, etc.
Decreased starting health from 10 to 5.
Fixed some of the foods vampires are able to eat.
Fixed several text errors in spells/menus.
Fixed issue with flight being partially enabled in adventure lands.
Fixed issue with shields not being repairable by blacksmith.
Fixed an issue with protections and armor stands.
Fixed an issue with enchanted books made with mana forges not working correctly.
Increased the amount of health gained from leveling.
Removed knight profession and added money bonus to monster slaying for all players.
Fixed the /help menu.
Added color as an option to the /help menu.
Removed nether star from mining treasures.
Added emojis that vips can use in chat.
Added emoji as an option to the /help menu.

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Re: News 6/12/2016

Postby TigerEchs » Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:39 am

enabled icemelting isthe only one that made me notice this
glad idid

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