News 1/31/2017

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News 1/31/2017

Postby frostmiser » Wed Feb 01, 2017 3:53 am

1.11.2 is now fully working on the server.

Also, Discord is now up and running. If you've never used it, Discord is a chat program you can run on your PC, phone, etc. It allows you to chat with folks without having to be logged into the game.

You'll notice new [Discord] tags displayed in chat. These tags are messages being sent by players from our Discord chat channel. To join the Discord chat, use the /discord command in-game and follow the invite link. Once you've joined, you'll need to ask one of the chat moderators to verify you as a player. Verified players gain access to the #global channel, which allows you to send and receive server chat messages from Discord.

Some important points about the chatroom:
[*] Chat rules which apply in game also apply in our Discord channels.
[*] Commands and spells will not work when issued through the Discord channel
[*] Being logged into Discord does not count for mana regen (you still have to be logged into the server for this)

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