News 10/15/2018

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News 10/15/2018

Postby frostmiser » Tue Oct 16, 2018 2:30 am

Halloween events have started!
- Spawn a Halloween wither.
- Fight Halloween Skeletons who are wearing a festive shield.
- PvP in unprotected lands.
- Visit Pinelope at spawn for quests.
-- Pinelope awards 100 mana in addition to candy for Skeleton Fingers this year.
-- Pinelope has a new quest, those who finish it can earn a Forged Iron Pickaxe (Earth Core)
-- Pinelope has trick or treat bags back in stock as a prize this year.
-- Pinelope has gotten a little better at accepting stacks of items.

Other Updates:
The server is back to 1.12.
The kicked for spamming issue has been fixed.

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